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Blooming Through the Desert

Community Sculpture located in Melvin Ennis Recreation Center of Las Vegas, Nevada 

Blooming Through the Desert is a collaborative sculpture presented by the Clark County Public Art Youth Education program. It was created in part by children and teenagers that attend the recreation center's after-school programs and activities. Students were guided through a paper flower-making workshop, resulting in the sculpture's main feature. The chandelier of desert flowers is a permanent sculpture that hangs right by the entrance.


The desert metaphor often represents struggles, obstacles, hardships and times of testing. It is a place of challenge and growth - creating opportunities for rebirth and transformation. Desert flowers are a beautiful expression of life's capacity to find a way to survive, despite harsh conditions.


The flower-making process parallels the theme; students were led through a workshop that required focus, patience, and trust in the steps and instructions offered by the project's creator. The finished sculpture serves as a reminder that joy, hope and resilience can prevail in any environment. Each handmade flower represents a life that finds ways to overcome and grow through challenging adversity. 

Proving to ourselves and the world, that if a flower can bloom in the desert, so can we. 

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